Daniel E Peterson PE

MNsPE Title: MnSPE's representative on the MFESTS Board

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Member Title: Retired

Email: danielepeterson.pe@gmail.com

Where do you work: Retired from The Toro Company

I have a BS and MS in Agricultural Engineering, and I spent most of my career at The Toro Company working on development of machines used on golf courses, parks and commercial areas. I held positions in design, development, R&D, and engineering management.

I currently serve on the boards of MnSPE, the Minnesota Federation of Engineering, Science and Technology Societies (MFESTS), and the SAE Twin Cities Section. I’m also a member of the Industry Advisory Council for the U of MN Dept of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, and I volunteer for various STEM-related activities.

What does serving on the MnSPE board mean to you?

I have been honored to serve as MnSPE's Representative to MFESTS for several years. That has given me a special opportunity to both participate in the work of the MnSPE board and to share the work and activities of MnSPE with the 20 engineering societies represented in MFESTS. It has also provided an opportunity for me to help facilitate collaboration on items of common interest between MnSPE and the various MFESTS societies, and in general help promote the engineering profession in Minnesota.