Join MnSPE and sponsor IDOM for a webinar covering IDOM’s wave energy converter (WEC).

The MARMOK-A-5 is a prototype of a low power wave energy converter (WEC). It is a floating device, based on Oscillating Water Column technology, with two 15-kW turbines. The prototype – the result of public pre-commercial procurement by the EVE (Basque Energy Agency – has a length of 42m (36m draft and 6m freeboard), is 5m in diameter, with a displacement of 162Tm. It was installed on the BiMEP marine energy platform, the first WEC connected to the Spanish state electricity grid, and one of the first devices connected in the world.

This webinar will review oscillating water column (OWC) technology, and will also include a discussion on the current market for this technology, challenges, and engineering solutions.


Javier Alvarez is a mechanical engineer with IDOM, specializing in renewable marine energies with a focus in mooring systems.

Jonathan Lemke is a mechanical engineer wit IDOM, specializing in renewable marine energy.