MnSPE November professional development webinars are all about HVAC.

Offered exclusively online, we are pleased to welcome two MnSPE Professional Development Committee members, Brittany Jaramillo, on November 2, and Nick Willing, on November 10.

Each webinar is free for current MnSPE members and $60 per webinar for non-member. Discounts available for non-member employees of certain sponsorship levels.

Details and registration can be found here.


Register to attend one or both today:

How to Design a More Efficient Traditional HVAC System, Nov. 2, 12 1- PM

This presentation will go over classic variable volume HVAC solutions and how to make them more sustainable. It will also cover the building automation side of the system and how to optimize the controls.


The What’s, Why’s and Benefits of Variable Refrigerant Flow, Nov. 10, 12-1 PM

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is a technology where an outdoor heat pump creates conditioned refrigerant and delivers that refrigerant through small tubing and piping directly to indoor units to heat and cool spaces. In traditional HVAC, an outdoor air handler creates volumes of conditioned air blowing through large ductwork to indoor VAV boxes to heat and cool spaces.

Both systems sound similar. So why is VRF embraced globally, making up 80% – 90% of all HVAC systems?

At this webinar, we’ll explore in more detail what VRF is, why VRF is a growing technology in the United States, and its benefits.