MnSPE Sponsors are leading the way to the future. Sponsors play a central role in strengthening the PE community and our profession.

Sponsors suggest and host timely and relevant Continuing Professional Education seminars for PEs and EITs.
Sponsors champion the PE license in meetings with state policymakers and within the industry.
MnSPE sponsors make sure that our educational programming and advocacy work are timely and relevant to Minnesota PE’s current and emerging needs.
MnSPE sponsors keep their focus — and ours–on the future.

Our sponsors also make Minnesota MATHCOUNTS possible for more than 3,000 Middle School students each year. Students across the state participate in Minnesota MATHCOUNTS – and so do MnSPE members. More than 20 percent of MnSPE members volunteer for MATHCOUNTS.Many of our current volunteers participated in MATHCOUNTS during their middle school years and are ‘paying it forward for a new generation.

Our sponsors are key contributors in MnSPE’s work promoting and protecting the PE license in Minnesota and make it possible to do so. And, they help shape the future for tomorrow’s PEs.